Six organizations developed the MASTER project:

FORMA.Azione srl, Italian training provider established in 1997,is an Accredited Regional Training Centre since 2003 and ISO 9001 Certified since 2002, for design and provision of vocational training services, and for design and management of projects with public funding.

FORMA.Azione has regularly improved the quality of its VET and AE provision over the years of

activity with the aim of better meeting the needs of learners and the trends at national and European level.

The University “Roma Tre” is active since 1992 and actually represents a central point of reference in the Italian academic scenario at both local and national level hosting nearly 40000 students. The Department of Education is made up of 80 professors among which full professors, associate professors, full-time researchers and lecturers.

It is considered one of the most dynamic Italian faculties and provides an experienced and consolidated environment and background where the proposed activities can thrive.

Scottish Wider Access Programme West – SWAPWest is a consortium of 8 Regional Further

Education Colleges, 8 Higher Education establishments, working with Community Education.

SWAPWest has been successful in putting the needs of the adult learner at the forefront through the development of a wide range of initiatives and programmes aimed at disadvantaged groups of adult learners. Over the 28 years of SWAPWest, more than 35000 SWAP learners have passed through Consortium institutions.

DOREA Educational Institute is a non-profit NGO established in 2012 in Cyprus. Its general scope is to offer high quality non-formal education for youth and adults, covering the three main areas of non-formal education, which is socio-cultural (popular) education, education for personal development and professional training.

Kerigma – Instituto de Inovação e Desenvolvimento Social de Barcelos is a Portuguese non-profit organization, founded in 1996, and its aim is to promote the integrated development of people, of organizations and the community, creating services and solutions that contribute to active citizenship, solidarity and social cohesion. Oriented by the values of equality and social responsibility, it develops its action on the domain of Lifelong Learning and Support to Employment.

European Association for the Education of Adults

EAEA, the European Association for the Education of Adults, is the voice of non-formal and informal adult education in Europe. EAEA fosters adult learning and the widening of access and participation in formal and non-formal adult education for all, particularly for under-represented groups. EAEA promotes learner-centred approaches that take people’s lives into account and enable them to acquire all kinds of competences, with particular attention to basic and transversal skills.